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1. a threat to a person during an altercation. 1. Made popular from an episode of the chappelle show (the spoof real world episode)
2. someone who is so fat, that you could make bacon out of his back rolls.
1.Keep talking and I'll cut some bacon off your back.
2. dude if you don't stop eating, I'll be able to cut cut bacon off your back.
by rodosboy July 20, 2008
to describe the rolls on the back of a bald mans head and neck. If the man is fat, he usually has "ballpark franks" or "jumbo franks" on his neck.
1. Officer he was 6'2 260 pounds and had a big packafranks.
2. When he looked up, I grabbed a packafranks and cut some bacon off his back.
by rodosboy July 20, 2008
1.The rolls on the back of a fat bald mans neck.
Man you could feed a little league team with that guys packafranks.
by rodosboy July 31, 2008
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