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1. A shocking sex act involving santorum, usually one that lasts a long time or has multiple components.

2. Specific sex acts meeting these conditions are sometimes referred to as a santorum rally.

3. To santorumize, esp. for an extended period of time.
"I went all the way with him," he said. I shuddered and looked down; I couldn't believe my ears. "I mean, when I say 'all the way,' I mean all-- the-- way," he continued, being sure to carefully annunciate each word, as though I wouldn't know what he was talking about if I missed the "the". I just couldn't bear the thought of the two of them together. Paul, my Paul. It just wasn't right. "Yeah, it was a real santorum rally last night."

"I GET IT!" I snapped, and even Simon seemed surprised at my reaction.
by rodisgod April 06, 2012
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