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Bruce willis can single handidly take out 21 russian mercinaire,s with no shoes on!

graham: oi steve put some shoes on and change your burgandy trousers.

Everyone: laughs.

steve: carfull ill pull of a bruce willis.
by rodam July 11, 2006
To be caught in the act of a crime or by your parents sneaking alchohol.

This word can somtimes help in situations of teenage prankery!
steve: Qick get this stuff in the van

old bill: oi oi wats goin on here then

jhon: oh shit weve been rumbled

steve: leg it
by rodam July 11, 2006
The fitest woman in the world who stared in baywatch.
Alan: god dam it traci bingham is fit.

Loid: why you say that.

Alan: shut up loid and get a job.
by rodam August 23, 2006
To be very very thirsty
1)Pass us a brew love im parched
2)Boil the kettle love im parched
3)Raggin Pat Butcher really made me parched
by Rodam April 28, 2006
Its all gravy is a sighn that all is good and dandy!
russel: watch out you knocked over my brew.

graham: dont worry i caught it.

russel: Ah its all gravy.

graham: good times.
by rodam July 12, 2006
Someone that will lie so much there words mean shit and so gob shite was invented hoora!
Terry: I got my new bike.

steve: Ya i bet were is it.

Terry: seriously at home i swear.

garry: Ha ha man your such a gob shite.
by rodam July 11, 2006
When you sneak off two have a ciggarete at fammily ocations
tod: Dad where is uncle jerald.

Dad: he snuck of four a crafty fag.

Uncle jerald: Thats good shit
by rodam July 14, 2006

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