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1 definition by roconnorrekit

Derivative of the 1-10 scale, in which a person or persons are rated in terms of physical attractiveness ranging from 1 (least attractive) to 10 (most attractive).

The Binary Scale is an alternative, simplified version of the 1-10 scale based on the {binary} numeral system in which the number "1" is equated with an "on" or "yes" command and the number "0" is equated with an "off" or "no" command. Thus, by rating the subject a "1", the rater is declaring that he or she would pursue the subject sexually and, adversely, by rating the subject a "0", would not pursue the subject.
Bill: Dude... blonde at the counter, nice rack... binary scale?
Ted: 1. Definitely a 1.


Rupert: Get a load of that fat chick with the 2 year old... binary?
Cornelius: 0.
by roconnorrekit February 07, 2010