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A by-product produced by mostly old people who wear diapers, as well as babies. The shit biscuit is formed when they shit themselves, but doesn't clean up or get changed right away. Over time, the turd is flattened out (from sitting on it) and eventually hardens into a dried out biscuit or cookie-like turd.
"I went to the nursing home today to see grandpa, and I think he had been making a batch of shit biscuits."
by rockstarchris September 05, 2006
The result of eating too much of certain foods, like eggs or cabbage. This causes people to have very unpleasant farts, which smell like sulphur. They are usually very quiet, which doesn't give nearby victims a fair warning. However, since they make no sound, it's easy to let one rip in the middle of a crowd and blame it on somebody else. It's recommended you only unleash one in a large and ventilated area, since they can be rather deadly. They also sometimes linger in an area for up to 5 minutes. Use extreme caution when emitting a sulphur fart, unless you enjoy alienating anyone down-wind from you.
Guy1: "I woke up this morning with sulphur farts."
Guy2: "That's what you get for eating 15 deviled eggs."

"I went to the movies last night, and somebody had nasty sulphur farts. But it was too quiet, so I wasn't sure who was responsible."
by rockstarchris September 05, 2006
It's when somebody runs into the bathroom and has to shit really bad. They don't even get their pants all the way down and blast shit all over the place. The sheer horror and disbelief of a brown massacre is enough to make a grown man break into tears.
If your house is full of drunk people, or if you just had a big bean burrito, get ready for a brown massacre from hell.
by rockstarchris June 01, 2007
An innovative new mode of transportation, invented by Mr. Garrison on the show South Park. To drive "it", a penile-shaped shaft is inserted into the anus, while another is inserted into the mouth. There are also a set of two more shafts in the front that the driver slides up and down. "It" was developed to contend with with the airline's crappy service. It's extremely fast as well, so whenever one zooms down the street, people always say "What the hell was that?" "I dunno but I want one."
News Guy: "It's still unclear what exactly IT is."
by rockstarchris June 03, 2007
An individual who deliberately goes out of their way to harass and irritate people. This includes people who just randomly pick fights with smaller people. Usually they tend to do this to impress others, such as girls. It's believed that these people have nothing better to do, so they annoy other individuals to feel good about themselves.
The term originated from Canada, although nowadays, you'll find shit disturbers anywhere you go.
Bill: "I wasn't even speeding, but a cop pulled me over and gave me a ticket. I don't think he even cared if I was speeding or not, he just wanted to be a shit disturber."

Albert: "That jerk that super glued the toilet seat down in the men's washroom is a real shit disturber."
by rockstarchris September 05, 2006
A small hole dug in the ground to bury turds in, for when you can't find the john. Digging one of these "bunkers" is called Chunk Bunkering.
"If you go camping, remember to bring a little shovel so you can dig some "chunk bunkers" if you need to drop a dookie. Make sure you bury it though, or people might get pissed."
by rockstarchris June 01, 2007
A condition guys get when having sex, or sometimes just when they have a boner. The girl may get too rough, or the guy sits down the wrong way while having a boner. This causes the dick to bend the wrong way, which hurts like hell and almost makes one thing that it snapped right off.
1) "These jeans are too tight, so that when I pop a boner, I can't sit down without severe fuck trauma."

2) "Watch out for that girl, she plays a bit rough. If you sleep with her, not only will you get herpes, but a bad case of fuck trauma."
by rockstarchris June 03, 2007

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