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It's presented kinda like an opportunity, but there's always a catch, which is usually a demand for something you're not really comfortable doing, which would usually require great effort and commitment on your part, and would really only serve to make the other person look good (and probably momentarily at that). Oh, and you can't get the opportunity part unless you agree to the catch, so it's basically a hustle. Usually a faux-portunity is followed by a hyped-up promise that can never be delivered. In other words, it's a complete waste of your time.
I thought he was offering me the real deal, but it was just a faux-portunity.
by rockstarawesome June 10, 2009
"Costa Rica-itis," from the words Costa Rica plus the suffix '-itis,' is the condition in which all you can think about is your upcoming trip to Costa Rica. Kind of like senioritis, but specific to travel in Costa Rica.
I'm sorry, I'm having trouble listening to anything you're saying. I think I might have Costa Rica-itis.
by rockstarawesome June 16, 2009
A cooler term for "awards" than the word "awards." Usually a shiny statuette that says your work doesn't suck. Sparklies give you cred and make your work legitimafied.
"Check out the sparklies on my mantle."


"I'm not sayin' my work is better than yours, I'm just sayin' I have a ton of sparklies."
by rockstarawesome October 23, 2009

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