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To remove someone from your life or the get fired from a job.
I gave Jane Doe the heave-ho. Jane Doe got the heave-ho from her job.
by rocklesson86 September 28, 2009
A girl who is usually scantily clad in music videos.
Drew: Did hear that Jenna is going to be a music video?
Amber:She going to be a Video Hoe uh?
Drew: Correct.
by Rocklesson86 February 19, 2011
It is a man that looks like a women.
Me: I just saw the ugliest manshe in my life.
Jane Doe: Who?
Me: Wesley Snipes from Foo Won Too.
by rocklesson86 October 04, 2009
To turn a raunchy movie from back in the day to a kid friendly movie.
Person 1: Have you seen the new fame?
Person 2: No I'm afraid to see it because they kidified it.
by rocklesson86 March 15, 2010
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