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The predecessor to the playstation 4.
"Hey Bobby, I just got my playstation 3."

"Man that junk is so Atari. My buddy just got a prototype of the playstation 4 he bootlegged in from Japan off a fishing boat. You should see the graphics!"
#playstation 2 #playstation 4 #video #games #atari
by rocketman1 September 22, 2006
Girl code for you fucked up so badly that nothing you say or do will ever satisfy her. Can come in combination with 'complete ambivalance' or 'the wall of ice'.
After accidently talking to your ex-girlfriend, your current girlfriend mentions that she was 'a little upset' with the conversation. You think nothing more of it. Later that night she wakes you up and asks: "So, do you still love her?"
#upset #majorly pissed off #enraged #unreasonable #demon eyes #wall of ice
by rocketman1 September 22, 2006
So overly checking someone out that your eyeball separates from its socket.
My girlfriend Amy and I were at the beach last Saturday and you should've seen this girl in this bikini. I literally popped a socket. Fortunately Amy didn't see me or I would've been seriously screwed.
#checking out #checked out #hot woman #bikini #pop a socket
by rocketman1 September 22, 2006
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