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1 definition by rockdock

1.verb; Following ejaculating onto the abdomen of another; the attempt by the recipient to remove said ejaculate by rubbing their abdomen. tummy refers the the region that is being cleaned, and time is the amount of time this futile attempt at cleaning occupies.

2. verb; A popular dance in urban-suburban dance clubs. A woman holds her hips, gyrates, while lowering herself down vertically. upon reaching roughly the level of their knees, the hands reposition onto the stomach and rub in circular motion with both hands. gyration slows at this point, and as the rubbing starts the dancer raises from their lowered position until they stand erect. once erect the dancers hands are rubbed on their dance partner and the cycle is repeated
a. All was going fine untill i gave her tummy time.

b. I gave her a tummy time out

a. up in a club, gave herself a rub, we dont need no bub, tummy time, she just need some love

b. tummy time, make me feelin fine, wanna blow my mind, right above your line
by rockdock November 23, 2010