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A loud annoying,non fuctioning muffler attached to the rear of a ricer car, who's owner automatically thinks he is hot stuff because his vehicle can make this loud noise. little does he know everyone is just laughing at him.
The fart pipe usaully emits a long, loud, rising 'fart' noice, which resembles a sythesized fart, or a mouth fart.
Fart pipes creat too little backpressure, which can actually hurt performance without extensive engine modifications.
Fart pipes often irritate us REAL men who actually have a manly vehicle, with big , V8's, and RWD of course!
Fart pipe ricers sometimes give a bad name to those of us with a good loud exhaust, loud because we have a big, low-iding V8, which actually needs less restiction to perform well, not just to be needlessly loud.
Ricer with loud fart pipe pulls up next to me
Ricer- Hey, homie-G bag, you wants ta race?
V8 guy- Umm, ok.
Ricer-Oh, really? Crap. *pisses pants*

Ricer- Hey G-hood biscuit, litsen to this!
Ricemobile- faaaaaaaaaart!!!!
V8 guy- *chuckles to himself*
Hotrod- Blub blub blub blub blub blaaaaaaaaam! blaaam! blaaaaaam!
Ricer- *pisses pants*
by rockabillysteve August 17, 2006
The quintessential rental car. A V6 Mustang is like a hot girl with her clothes on: looks good, but ain't nothing you could do with her!
Only thing worse is the V6 mustang convertible: the quintessential 'My daddy gave it to me' car for preppy girls.
A real man will run V8 Mustang coupe, a mid-life crises guy will run a V8 mustang covertible, a rental cr company will run a V6 coupe, and a preppy girl or gay guy will run a V6 mustang convertible.
by rockabillysteve August 18, 2006
A duragatory term used by goldchainers, or chainers who dislike the unfinished look. Often confused with traditional hot rod, or real hot rods. Real hot rods are function over form, rat rods are form over function.

The rat rod trend has birthed a new type of rat rod in which you can take any car, be it a Civic, chevy S-10, 55 Belair, hell it could be the moon rover, but if its painted in flat black and has red wheels its a rat rod.

Peple whp paint thier cars in rat rod form are foten trendists who will move on to the next popular thing when it comes, leaving lots of nice iron for the real hotrodders like me.
Rat rodder has a flat black '89 s-10, while a real hot rodder like me would have, say a '50 Pontiac with chrome steelies wrapped in whitewals, and. and a goldenrod fade paint job.
by rockabillysteve August 17, 2006

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