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Combination of the words "tagger" and "gangbanger". A new subculture that has developed mainly in southern California. Not really considered writers, they tag, never piece, and almost never do throwups. Often they carry guns and bear more than slight resemblance to gangs. Not really considered to be true writers by writers, but are mostly considered a hinderance and a negative influence on a creative writing and piecing scene.
if you live in los angeles then most people in a crew are tagbangers. they tag their crew name and their writing name and slash out other crews and people and hit up people looking for them and fight with them or the crew depending on who slashed what or sometimes may even shoot the enemy crew even if they didnt slash them out but because their crew slashed out him or his crew.
by Robin C February 16, 2006
its a mexican, usually somebody who was born in the U.S. but parents were born in mexico, who tries to act hard like they were from the streets of mexico even though theyve never even seen it or been there. they usually wear baseball fitted caps halfway in the back of their head and dress like a wannabe gangster. they talk with a wannabe spanish accent mixing english and spanish because they think it sounds cool and funny but they sound really stupid. usually has a lot of fake mexican pride which they try to flash alot looking even more like idiots. very much like a wannabe gangster. usually listen to alot of ranchero and corrido (mexican music)

chunti: whassup que pasa carnal what are you doing?
non-chunti: ....nothing
chunti: hey mang wanna go to the pelicolas?
non-chunti: no thanks
chunti: mira do you like my chicano pride shirt with the mexican bandera on it?
non-chunti: not really
chunti: well voy a ir a las pelicolas with my damn dickies sagged under my ass and my chunti ass mexican pride shirt with the mexican flag on it alright? arratos
non-chunti: fuckin chunti wannabe gansgter
by robin c March 05, 2006

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