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1 definition by robbycard

negative side:
a country where the media particularly the abs-cbn network is more powerful than the PNP(philippine national police). It is a country where people don't give a fuck about what the cops says, and if the cops do they job, people will either cry their ass out asking mercy from the public or shouting "youre volating my human rights!!" It is also a very corrupted country and some people here are very lazy and blames everything on the president if their life is severely fucked up.

positive side:
awesome beaches(ex. boracay, cebu, etc), beautiful babes or bebots, nightlife, etc.
police: would you mind to show me your id or license?
brainwashed filipino guy: why would I??? youre violating my human rights asshole!!!
me: haha welcome to the philippines!!!
by robbycard April 20, 2009
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