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86 definitions by robbie

the sight of numerous pairs of pantyhose belonging to a resident female that are left hanging around, either to dry or just to air out.
this occurs mostly on the shower curtain rod in the main bathroom of the house, thus resembling a jungle.
when I first moved in with Shirley, one of the first things I had to get used to was constantly having a pantyhose jungle in my presence every time I had to use the bathroom....and I dared not complain about it either! :)
by Robbie October 28, 2007
95 6
A British reference for a prostitute.
We will return here with a shrubbery. One that looks nice, and not too expensive.
by Robbie July 09, 2004
145 61
A band who changes their music to include more poppy parts, to gain popularity. Often confused with "getting famous", "getting better sound" and "writing less heavy music".
Prime example - lostprophets (re-releasing an album that was only 2 years old, to make it more 'accessible')

Bad examples: blink 182 (just got a better sound) incubus (got old and wrote more chilled music) and tool (just became popular without changing anything)
by robbie September 13, 2003
116 37
Camp Kill Yourself <--(a very good band)
I listened to "CKY" on the radio
by Robbie June 03, 2004
120 42
a radio station term for when two songs by the same singer/band are played in row.
"...coming up, a double shot by the Thunder From Down Under (AC/DC)...don't touch that dial!"
by Robbie September 21, 2005
87 24
a $5 bill (from "V" being the Roman numeral for 5)
"let's go check out that band, there's a cover at the door but it only costs a V-note."
by Robbie July 12, 2005
72 12
all of the women that a guy has had sexual relations with -any type of sex, be it traditional intercourse, oral, anal, and even kinky stuff which provides sexual arousal and gratification (such as footjob, titty fucking etc.)
"if you include the handjob that Susie gave me when we were in the 5th grade, and the pantyhose rubdown that Glenda gave me last night, I'd say my jizz list has to be over the 30 mark by now."

by Robbie December 19, 2005
65 7