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Contrary to popular belief, it was the Chicanos aka Mexican-American Pachuos of Los Angeles who created words such as Homie, Homeboy, and Homes which were all derived from their slang known as "Calo". However, Blacks adopted it and there's people who still think they created it just like they think they created Lowriders and call California "Cali" when the Pachucos did that.
Pachuco #1: What's happenin homie?

Pachuco #2: Just kickin it homes.
by rob-g April 13, 2007
Contrary to popular belief, homeboy along with homie were both created by Chicano aka Mexican American Pachucos from the word "Hombre" which is spanish for "man". It all derived from the slang they used known as "Calo".
Chuco #1: What's happenin homie??

Chuco #2: Just kickin it with my homeboy.
by rob-g April 13, 2007
Austin, Texas aka The Capital City aka ATX
Alot of people consider Atlanta the A-Town but if you in Texas, that title belongs to the Capital City of Austin
by ROB-G September 05, 2005
"Cali" was the shortned abbreviation for California which young Chicano aka Mexican-American Pachucos used as apart of their slang known as "Calo".
Chuco #1: Where's that vato from?

Chuco #2: I dont know, but he doesnt look like he's from Cali.
by rob-g April 13, 2007

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