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If somebody has got 'gill' with another person, it is because they are annoyed or upset with them. 'Massive gill' is a superlative of 'gill'. Two people who have 'massive gill' are often arguing and generally do not get on. The term is often said by a third person listening into the conversation and said in a comedic tone.
Bob ''chris is fat''
Chris ''ur a retard''
Nick ''ooh massive gill''
by rob hirons November 12, 2007
Said to someone who u believe is telling a lie.
Bob ''I won the champions league with TNS on footy man''
Nick ''ooh bom bom''
by rob hirons November 12, 2007
Used to describe something or someone who is rubbish/useless at what they do
Bob ''Did u see that joker that was playin for Liverpool last nite''
Hold '' I no, Voronin is bom bom''
by rob hirons November 12, 2007

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