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A form of South African slang. Used to express joy or satisfaction at something or someone
Guy 1: Hey man, how is everything with work?
Guy 2: Everything is luka
by roadfighter April 20, 2009
another word for friend
Guy 1: what's up guzi?
Guy 2: all is good man...
by roadfighter April 14, 2009
When something is so tasty and scrumptious it is best described in these words...
Lad A: well, those Nutella and bacon pancakes are so good man..
Lad B: indeed bro, like baby bear's porridge..
by roadfighter June 24, 2016
Another word for bye. To bid farewell to a buddy or friend...
Guy 1: See you dude. We'll talk tomorrow
Guy 2: Tup
by roadfighter April 20, 2009
short for 'what a stupid puss'
Guy 1: I was watching Barney and friends this morning
Guy 2: WASP you are
by roadfighter April 14, 2009
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