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An spoiled Asian girl whos parents supply her with loads of money. She has multiple designer purses and nice clothes. She may have a purse dog to carry around as well. She thinks everyone is inferior to her and is superficial.
"That Asian princess thinks she is so hot.. carrying around her dog and her Fendi bag like she's Paris Hilton!"
by ro3 May 07, 2007
A water type Pokemon available in the games Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. You must also have the game Pokemon Ranger and go through a bunch of obscure steps to obtain it. Manaphy was also the star Pokemon of the movie "Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea". It is small, cute, and blue.
Young Gamer #1: "Dude, my mom won't give me money for Pokemon Ranger. Breed me a Manaphy!"
Young Gamer #2: "Sorry, can't do that. I'll breed you a Phione though."
by ro3 May 07, 2007
Kate Moss. It is derived from the words "cocaine" and "Kate". The term was coined by Perez Hilton.
Cokate's career ironically took off after her publicized drug scandal.
by ro3 May 07, 2007
A popular (and the first) brand of Japanese mayonnaise. It comes in a plastic squeeze bottle and has a Kewpie doll printed on the wrapper.
Okonomiyaki tastes way better with Kewpie mayo on it.
by ro3 May 07, 2007
Japanese language school. It usually is in session during the normal school year on Saturday mornings. Most of the students are Japanese American kids whos parents force them to go.
White kid: "Hey! You wanna come over Saturday morning to watch cartoons with me?"
Japanese kid: "I can't man.. I got jschool"
by ro3 May 07, 2007
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