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A word I am afraid to say

rhymes with tigger
If i say the n word ninjas will jump out of no-were and kill me :)
by rmunky September 11, 2004
the best cartoon ever to be aired
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rocked my socks
by rmunky October 14, 2004
Fuck The RIAA!
legalize it!
you cant even download songs by bands that are dead

wtf is there deal when it was legal ppl just downloaded songs that play on the radio 24-7 so what...
by rmunky September 14, 2004
fish is a slang word for: girl
see sexy, hot

using fish this way is ©1999 Austin Pollastro and shall not be claimed by anyone else under penalty of law
(I got it copyrighten so there!)
that girl is a fish!
by rmunky May 06, 2004
humpernickel is a word i made up when i was high.....i have no idea what it means

but i copywrote it like all my stuff
humpernickel!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha lmao
by rmunky October 14, 2004
1. A word used to describe another male See: man, bro
2. A word to describe emotion

I think only "white" people should be able to say "dude" just like only African Americans can say "the n word"
1. Hey dude whats up?

2. Dude!
by rmunky September 11, 2004
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! lol gjd
ammonia smells cool!!!!!!!!!11
by rmunky October 12, 2004

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