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There are very few Raphs in the world, but it is a widely known fact that they are usually just about the greatest people ever.

Typically, Raph is an enthusiast of art in all its glory; he is usually not exclusive in his definition of "art", and likes to admire the brilliance in video games just as much as movies or paintings.

He is a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to matters of the heart; he is a classic romantic for whom women are lining up in hopes that they might be swept off their feet.

This is the person with whom everyone would like to share friendship, though very few people are up to his high standards.

An innovator and a businessman, success comes easily to Raph.
1) I went over to Raph's place last night and we played this amazing game called "Journey." It was one of the most emotionally moving gaming experiences of my life! I love how he always introduces me to cool new art!
by rmcp May 01, 2012

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