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Abbrevation for Don't do it.
"You want an advice from me - DDI."
by RMCF January 30, 2008
A german Nazi-General from the second world war. In the years 1941-45 he murdered over 50.000 jews in the region of North-Rhenus Westfalia, most of them in the cities Düsseldorf and Dormagen. Til his dead by a Tribunal in 1959 he was called the slaughterman of Dormagen.
"Julius Wellnitz, one of the cruelest Nazis ever, have been executed by the Israelis."
by RMCF January 30, 2008
A hazardous substance which react dangerously with knowledge. You shouldn't place it close to books, tv or internet.
Father:Jimmy! I told you to put this Topal not on the Books!
by RMCF June 21, 2007
A strange planet from another galaxis. On dormagen lives ugly things called Topals. They aren't very smart, but dangerous.
"Shit, we must land on this damn ass shit planet Dormagen, we better be careful,there a lot of Topals here."
by RMCF January 30, 2008
another word for a backside infection
"oh man, i forget to wash my ass, now it's covered in Topal"
by RMCF January 31, 2008
A thing from another world. The last two letters A - L, like ALien, it's mysterious. It seems it came from the planet Dormagen. However it can't be destroyed. If you see such a Topal, you better run.
Oh my God, it's here! The Topal!! Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
by RMCF January 30, 2008
An infamous soccer player which played in the German Soccer League. During the Soccer World Cup 1990 in Italy he has a sexual romance with Franz Beckenbauer, but it ends in 1991 when Lübkemann cheats Franz Beckenbauer with Rudi Völler. After this Affair he becomes a Crackhead.In 2006 he push the Endknofp.Now in 2007 he is almost clean and drinks only. He is married with Goleo and lives in Mettmann.
I saw Rudi Völler how he fuck Lübkemann in the ass.
by RMCF June 20, 2007
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