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2 definitions by rktekt

When one is in a relationship that both people know is ending and one of the two people starts to look for another relationship. This could be described as cheating but is usually not recognized as such as both people know that the end of the current relationship is emminent.
"Did I see you with Carrie yesterday?"
"Dude, I thought you were still dating Melissa?"
"I am but it's pretty much over and I'm overlapping"
by rktekt July 21, 2006
This is the when a girl has a slamming body from the waist up but not from the waist down. It usually helps when the girl has a pretty face.
Dude, we were all chilling in the hot tub after hitting the slopes and that bunny stood up and shocked me with her hot tub body.
by rktekt May 22, 2008