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The best part of New Jersey. No other part of Jersey can prove to be as good as us, no matter how much they try. They may try to be lame and claim that Central is just what North or South doesn't want, but we're too good for your ass. It's the only place in Jersey where:

1. Every highway known to man WILL take you home. You're *never lost*
2. We call the park Great Adventure, NOT Six Flags. THERE'S MORE THAN ONE SIX FLAGS! (And more than six...ass)
3. Close to everything! NYC, close. Philly, close. Shore? Close. Forest? Close. Mountains? Close. Every-damn-thing! Close!
4. Central Jersey will be home to the world's tallest AND fastest roller coaster come spring 2005, Kingda Ka at Great Adventure.
5. No North Jersey oil refinery on the Turnpike smell
Why the hell did a Wawa move here? Don't they realise that this is Central Jersey? Who wants that South Jersey store?

ignant person- OH MY GOD...WE'RE LOST! How 'o how will we ever get home!
Central Jerseyan- Pick a highway.
by rjholla2003 December 15, 2004
The imaginary being of...who came up with that anyway? No where in Jersey do people speak with that awful accent that sounds like a crushing mix of Italian and New York accents.
ignant person- Hey, where ya from?
Jersian- Jersey
ignant (in "Joisey" accent)- Haaaaay! How you doin'? Why don't you have a Joisey accent? What part of New Jersey are you from?
Jersian- No one has that stupid accent
ignant (still in accent) What do ya mean, everybody knows that's how ya talk in Joisey!
Jersian- *sigh*
*smacks ignant person*
*walks away*
by rjholla2003 January 04, 2005
The octogenarian, hyper, dancing mascot for Six Flags theme parks that danced to the Venga Boys song "We Like To Party". He became popular in 2004 with the launch of the ad campaign by Six Flags Incorporated. The mascot had appearances on many popular TV shows, and wild speculation of the mascot's true identity and age ran amok. The mascot became so popular that he even has a roller coaster named after him at Six Flags New England: Mr. Six's Pandemonium. After two years of service, Mr. Six has been "killed off" by Daniel Snyder. Dan Snyder won control of SFI in December of 2005, and stated that he will put an end to the campaign since it "delivers a confused message to the consumer" and "does not work effectively to draw in parents and their children."

Many amusement park enthusiast are crying foul at the death of Mr. Six. He was a mascot that wreaked of fun, and will be missed by many. His campaign will be replaced by one that centers around the slogan "Clean, Safe, Fun".
Hey, do you know that old, dancing Six Flags guy?
Yea! I love Mr. Six!

I just rode Mr. Six's Pandemonium and it's crazy fun!
by rjholla2003 December 14, 2005
When one visits Wikipedia and clicks linked articles until they are at an article they never thought they would be at in the first place.
Person 1: I went to look up Burj Dubai on Wikipedia and somehow ended up reading about the Stanley Cup? How did this happen?

Person 2: Wow, that's quite the Wiki trip
by rjholla2003 December 20, 2009

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