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JMoney is the act of taking practice in the art of smoking marijuana for pleasure and/or buisness reasons.
Examples are when one goes to JMoney in a museum bathroom or JMoneying before deep classes such as Anthropology.
by Risk December 04, 2013
to get fucked over by someone; just like Ray Allen fucked over the Boston Celtics by signing with the Miami Heat
"Hey bro, I saw your girl making out with the guy who choked your dog to death. She really Ray Allened you man"
by RisK July 06, 2012
As described by rapper 2 Chainz aka Tity Boi in his documentary "Codeine Cowboy", the Chromed Out 1100 is a sexual act in which a man lays a woman face-down on a bed (or other suitable surface) with her arms and legs extending to each side of the bed. The man then mounts, penetrates, and proceeds to "ride" the woman as he grabs onto her hands as if he were riding a motorcycle. The "vroom" noise can then be made for added effect.

It is named after the famous Yamaha motorcycle, as mentioned in the Birdman & Lil' Wayne track "Stuntin' Like My Daddy"
Homie 1: "What happened after she came over to your crib?"
Homie 2: "We got wasted and later on I did the Chromed Out 1100 on her. The greatest sex I've ever had."
by RisK August 27, 2012
Aboriginal word for "homosexual"
One whole likes large errect penis up his asshole
by risk April 14, 2004
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