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1 definition by risingrk

In martial arts, a person with an extremely large amount of agility, strength, flexibility, or speed, but generally lacking in both humility and the ability to actually fight; often mistakes point sparring for actual combat. Will rationalize any shortcomings or losses instead of acknowledging them with humility and the desire to improve. Frequently a practicioner of Tae Kwon Do, which is a style plagued by karate cocks. Will often badmouth instructors that don't recognize their obvious superiority over other, normal students.

If somebody seems to be extremely eager to inform you about what an AWESOME martial artist they are, chances are they are a karate cock.
1. "He wouldn't stop talking about how great his old schools were, but when we actually got to sparring he took one hit and wanted to stop. He's just a karate cock."

2. Karatecock: "I'm 12th Degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, I have a room full of trophies from point sparring, I can do a backflip, and I don't need to practice grappling because I'm too good to worry about tripping or being taken down. Nobody can beat me up. And I'm only 17."

3. "After we were done sparring, he was telling me how he would have won if he hadn't been off-balance from his hand and foot pads- he never considered that I was wearing the exact same gear that he was. He's such a karatecock."

4. Karatecock: "I don't need to actually learn to fight if I can do my high kick well enough, right? It's not like people will duck, or anything, or just take the hit and throw me to the ground anyway."

5. The tae kwon do guy featured on that fight science show seemed like a bit of a karatecock.
by risingrk April 15, 2008