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an epic saga, where rilesworth skipped class every day to take a shit on the toilet. after five episodes, ending in return of the jedi, the journey was completed and he achieved enlightenment.

also an excuse to skip a class or something important.
roswell: hey rilesworth how was the gilgashit?
rilesworth: ah it went fine, no tragedeees.


rilesworth: hey i heard we have to run the mile today in pe. im gonna gilgashit that shit if you know what i mean.
roswell: i know EXACTLY what you mean.
by rilesworth July 25, 2006
used in conjunction with terms such as whatnot, this and that, and whoever, to describe a broad field of ideas.
milas: we should go swimming and junk and stuff.
rilesworth: yeah, we can go with whoever and do this and that and whatnot.
by rilesworth August 17, 2006
a channel that had a really good premise, then was ruined by emo music. true they show more music than both vh-1 and mtv combined, but emo music isnt really music. i liked it when they showed the ledzeppelin dvd thing, but even then they got a whole bunch of crappy emo bands to come on and say how much they liked led zeppelin and how much it influenced them. meanwhile, their drummer mr. bonham was rolling in his grave. fuse would be so much cooler if they didnt try to go after the same group of people ALLL DAY LONG ie. emo kids who are between 13 and 15 maybe.
hey do you like fuse? whats that a music channel or something? no it cant be, they dont play real music. the music on the history channel is better than that shit.
by rilesworth July 23, 2006
an expletive, similar to "goddammit."
police officer: whats this kilo of weed doing in the trunk of your car?!
you: GAJIFA!
by rilesworth July 23, 2006
formerly shirley temple's pussy.
eric: we had to come up with something that stood for STP, so we did stone temple pilots, which has no meaning. barely even sounds cool.
by rilesworth July 24, 2006
russian for "tumor nose." has more zits on his face than the helpers at best buy in the video game section. made up some NASJET shit and wouldnt back down from it.
shaners: jews dont get circumsized.
rest of world:.......
by rilesworth August 22, 2006
the largest threat to our national security.
they form gangs, traffick drugs, are known to have links to certain terrorist organizations (cough cough al quaeda), and kill our women and children.
head of fbi: (after listening to primus song) les claypool is so right, we must do something about all these puppies, there starting to get out of hand.
unimportant fbi official: yes just the other day one of these "puppies" forced entry into my house and stole among other things, doggie treats, a leash, and a collar with diamonds around the 24 carrot gold name tag.
head of fbi: oh my god, this is much worse than i thought.
by rilesworth September 17, 2006

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