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The tendency for evil to succeed in an environment of apathy, misinformation and deception.
Many examples of this are happening with more frequency and devastation: The WMD's and the Iraq war, Enron, The Cuban isolation crisis and Oil super profits.
Many good/evil words are the reverse of each other: Live/Evil, Satan/Natas (latin for to be born).
He fought the righteous battle but the suoethgir of his foe's lies and apathy of those who he was protecting seemed to lose this battle.
by RikiJon November 06, 2007
Someone who has a sociopathic ability to be irresponsible despite overwhelming attempts by anyone to make them a responsible human being.
Britney Spears lost her children and career by persisting in irresponsible behavior despite numerous interventions by rehab facilities. She must be a irresponsopath.
by RikiJon October 07, 2007
A person that has the psychopathological ability to be remarkably irresponsible. Like a sociopath, this person retains thier irresponsibility despite multiple overwhelming attempts by anyone trying to help them become mature responsible people.
Despite numerous request and generosity by the landlord, he and his family will be evicted even though he was making good money. He must be an irresponsopath.
by RikiJon October 01, 2007
The act of coming up close behind another driver whether one is in a hurry or just trying to be irritating.
That truck is bumpering me! They keep coming up right behind me too close and it makes me angry!
by Rikijon January 04, 2015
When someone is acting so ignorant that it is as if they had to much to drink, but they have not had any alcohol. Instead you discover that this is their maxiumum capability totally sober.
I thought that he was totally inebriated with whiskey when he joined the Tea Party Movement, but then I discovered that instead he was Genetically Drunk.
by RikiJon April 15, 2010
When ideas or opinions are rendered that have not been completely thought through. The stance may change, reverse or stay the same depending on further thoughtfulness, discussion and openness.
The idea that torture is a good way to find information is partial thinking. When including the possibility of misinformation, moral degradation of torturer, inspiring others to be terrorist, and plummeting opinion and respect for our country then on further inspection it seems wrong.
by RikiJon January 04, 2015

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