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a person, man or woman, noahs are very nice and make great friends. noahs are brave and speak their mind and they make great friends
noah is awesome <3<3<3<3
by riffehunter December 07, 2011
1. a city in Australia

2. a girl,"addies", these girls tend to be very funny and nice, they are awesome and great lovers, capable of greatness an Adelaides are great friends and shouldn't be rejected, or disrespected
1. i have a house in adelaide and its really hot

2. addie is a beast, and she is really smart!!
by riffehunter December 07, 2011
1. a city in the San Fran metropolis, has a high homosexual population.

2. a name, the masculine version (feminine versions are birkely,berklee). Berkeleys are very nice, but awkward, Berkeleys are EXTREMELY smart, and are great friends, once you get past their awkward tendencies, Berkeley's are very conservative in their feelings, and this usually stresses them into being more awkward. they are teddy bears to anyone who is nice to them, and they will defend you through Armageddon. these are great people. berkeleys are big, and strong, they tend to snap hard, and when they get mad they will beat you near to death. so don't play with them.
1. berkeley is the rainbow city!
2. 4.0s, caring, and crazy nice, Berkeley is the best person in the world!
by riffehunter January 30, 2012

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