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A genre of electronic music that emphasizes the use of autotune on non-musical speech, especially that which was not originally intended to be autotuned.

Examples of this type of music include the YouTube artist melodysheep's Symphony of Science featuring Carl Sagan and other scientists, and his various other interludes from commercials and programs, as well as the Gregory Brothers' "Auto-tune the News" episodes.

Not to be confused with music with autotune in original works, made popular by such artists as T-Pain
"Carl Sagan sounds amazing in autotronic form."

"What are you listening to?" "Autotronic music."

"Autotune + electronic = autotronic. Simple as that!"

"This ain't none of that T-Pain BS. This is what Auto-Tune was really meant for."
by riff1024 September 18, 2011
1) Rating of a film of the same height of entertainment as James Cameron's massive blockbuster Avatar.

2) Rating of a film that matches or surpasses Avatar financially. Considering there may be a long time until another film to reach the $2 million mark worldwide, a film that can be that successful can then truly be described as "Avatar good".

3) Can also refer to a film that an individual deems as great as Avatar but did not have as great of a financial success. See also The Hurt Locker.

4) Can be used sarcastically by critics and those not fans of Avatar that claim it contained poor acting and just good special effects, to relate to other films of a similar nature. Could also be termed "Avatar bad"
"I hear this movie isn't just good. It's Avatar good!"

"That last show wasn't Avatar good. It was just okay."

Used in alternate sense:

"This movie wasn't really up there. I'd say it was just Avatar good."
by Riff1024 April 05, 2010

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