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The most dangerous city in the United States. Everyone in Danbury carries a weapon and a fair amount of heroin at all times. The particularly dangerous thing about Danbury is that no particular demographic is more dangerous than the other. The whites are just as gangster as the blacks and latinos. Even the nerdy asians are more dangerous than anywhere else in the world.

Out of towners would be wise to avoid the city altogether, but if a visit is absolutely necessary it is recommended that you bring a bodyguard. Or 10. And wear Brazilian-flag colored clothing (Green and Yellow) in order to blend in with the locals. The ability to speak spanish is a plus, as it will help to prevent you from getting shanked if you're cornered by a local gang.

My friend went to Danbury and he came back with 5 bullet wounds.

by ridin1234 March 19, 2008

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