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13 definitions by rico suave

Smokeless tobacco, popular with hockey players, cowboys, and Southerners
After the hockey game me and mike packed a lip of vanilla skoal.
by rico suave February 03, 2005
553 135
originated in tha 1970's greenhouse culture.. adapted by urban gangstas, fire now represents some of tha best chronic avaliable. simply having red hairs isnt good enough to qualify as tha fire, tha shit must be super chronic one hitta quitta(see def.)
u better check yoself when u hit that shit, its tha fire..
by rico suave February 24, 2005
595 339
people who pack lips all day and get drunk after a game...BEST PEOPLE ALIVE
Your not a hockey player if you never packed a lip,downed a beer, or dropped the mitts. And if you are, chances are your not very good.
by rico suave January 09, 2005
218 96
origin 1960's hippy term "one hitter quitter" in reference to amazingly potent marijuana. used now for many different drugs, however in specific reference to tha chronic, this shit has to be so bomb that even an experienced toker will hack and cough for a couple minutes and then not need another hit for at least 30 to 45 minutes...
damn yo.. i can smell it in the bag baby... that shits definately some one hitta quitta.. fa sho!!!
by rico suave February 25, 2005
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A sock puppet show for stoners, where Sifl and Olly host their own show in their apartment. They would do skits such as "Calls from the Public" and "Rock Facts." Their friend Chester comes on and sings every once in a while.
Dude, I was so stoned last night that I watched Sifl and Olly!
by Rico Suave December 19, 2004
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White boy/man who is so white they look red or blue
by Rico Suave October 01, 2003
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One who takes the drug morphine, for any particular reason, enough to be considered a fiend.
Any one who get's shots of morphine every two hours is mos def a Morphiend
by Rico Suave November 19, 2003
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