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Basically a lifeless vampire that brain washes 13 year old girls into thinking hes real. And he sparkles, but only in the sunlight.
Edward: I'm Edward Cullen and I sparkle in the sunlight.

Jacob: bark bark.
by Rickiyson December 21, 2008
is a very annoying vampire, who magically sparkles in the sunlight, is perfect, is very concied, a 108 virgin, how could that possible be atractive to 13 year old girls? but he gives girls orgazms...which is wrong because he really isn't that hot.
Edward:I'm Edward Cullen and I sparkle in the sunlight.

Jacob Black: Bark bark wolf bark bark.
by rickiyson December 21, 2008
when a man and a woman love each other very much, the man takes her into his room, chains her to the bed, and has HARDCORE RAPE UP THE ASS.
woman:aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh it feels sooo good. sex is nice.

man:shut up hoe.
by rickiyson January 04, 2009
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