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A combination of the words "Awesome" and "Incredible" - can be used to define something that is both awesome and incredible when time is of the essence.
Did you SEE that?!! The Fonz jumped the sharks on WATER-SKIS!! Awesomable.

by richzx6r July 21, 2006
Band coming out of Pennsylvania (or some place) with no looks, discernable talent or redeeming features at all..
So how is it they can churn out such classics as "I hope you die" "Yellow Fever" and "The Ballad Of Chasey Lain".. HOW?!!

I loves The Bloodhound Gang, me..
"You coming to the Bloodhound Gang concert tonight?"
"Will there be full male nudity, camp dancing, audience humilation and rocking tunes?"
"I dunno.. maybe"
"I'm there."
by richzx6r July 21, 2006
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