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Flouseball is a game played in a living room of a flouse (see flouse), it is a free for all game with a minimum of 3 players and no maximum. the basic premise of the game is to get the ball past the goalie and through the doorway or 'goal' of the living room by whatever means at your disposal short of seriously injuring them, no weapons allowed, any soft ball no bigger than a tennis ball will do, even a balled up piece of paper, first to either 3, 5 or 10 wins. The fewer clothes the better as stuff tends to get torn and it gets hot! in the event of a argument over who scored or a tie, all decisions must be made by the nearest female.
Me and the guys had a great game of flouseball last night, tom got knocked unconscious!
by richard. d August 23, 2007
Flouse is a word derived from the marriage of the words flat and house, it refers to a smaller than usual 1 bedroom house that although has 2 floors, is no bigger than a flat. See also 'Flouse ball'
This party is crap, lets go back the the flouse with some cans and play flouse ball!!!
by richard. d August 23, 2007

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