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The act of making love with a female. More commonly used as a form of bragging, or insult, or both.
"Sam, last night, I got drunk and Pork Sworded your sister"
by richard piper June 29, 2004
A fucking hardcore nutter. Someone you really don't want to mess with. Would probably break a bottle over your noodle, then ask questions later.
'You really don't wanna mess with that guy mate, he's a fucking nutbar'
by richard piper July 01, 2004
The term for describing the cheeky act of releasing your baby gravy, on an unsuspecting female, after the act of pork swording.
"She took the greatest facial buffet, I can tell you!"
by richard piper June 29, 2004
The build up of a white, cheese-like substance under your bell end. Often suffered towards the end of a rock festival weekend.
'There was no way I was trying to pull on Sunday night, not with my helmet chedder.'
by richard piper July 01, 2004
The term used to describe the lingering smell that is left on your digit after scratching your rusty sheriffs badge.
'What is that smell? Rich, have you got bummy finger?'
by richard piper June 30, 2004
A very long, loud fart. Sounds like it comes out of a really tight arse.
'Jesus Christ Rich! You bizzle like that again, I swear you're gonna mess yourself!'
by richard piper July 02, 2004
The frothy and tacky build up of sperm around the bell end after it has been vigorously agitated by either choking the chicken or pork swording.
'I wanked for so long, I had the worst case of swaff the world has ever seen.'
by richard piper July 01, 2004

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