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A glorious man too drunk to except that he exists.
He was a griffith last night, but today, well, he's just a man
by richard gear April 28, 2009
A mystical never ending acre wood. It is home to Mount Toby, a celebrated mountain by the areas few residents.
Lets take some acid and go to Leverett.
by richard gear April 27, 2009
When pronounced sounds like gladiator. A young man that feels very glad and accomplished (like a roman worrier) after a girl has let him eat her out.
Tom is the most triumphant Gladheateher in all of Rome
by richard gear April 28, 2009
A collection of extraordinary men brought forth to save the country from certain corruption. The league includes; The Verdi, Saint Maudahbee, The Bermanator, Little Joe, Lennox The Great, and sometimes Sir Cus Bear of Kushman. The league disbanded in 2008 when a few key members were wrongly in-prisoned.
One day The Justice League of America will reunite, and the scum of this country will be sorry they were ever born.
by richard gear April 28, 2009
A holiday that's origins begin in Leverett MA around 2007 AD. The day celebrates the life of the one and only, Billy Crystal. The people celebrating usually take mushrooms or acid. Scholars maintain that it falls somewhere in the first two weeks of July.
I wish Billy Crystal Day was every day of the year.
by richard gear April 27, 2009
The Aztec god of drunkenly desecrating women. A vital member of The Justice League of America.
I know Maudahbee is looking down on this moment with a smiling erection.
by richard gear April 28, 2009
A Leverett based holiday celebrating Mount toby and all it's splendor. There is usually a small festival on top where some long haired leaping gnomes dance naked as the sun sets. Celebrated on july 10-11.
This Mount Toby Day we should merge with Billy Crystal Day
by richard gear April 27, 2009
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