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To be crapped on from at least 3 stories up(can be done by a bird, plane(boeing bombs, or human.)
by Rich September 15, 2003
The ammount of light which passes between a womans legs when standing with her legs together.
She's got high milage, look at the wattage, it's blinding.
by rich August 25, 2003
A drinking game that consists of setting up beer cans on each corner of a table. Taking turns, each person on a team of two tries to throw a ping-pong ball at the beer can diagonal from them. If they are successful in hitting the can, the person who threw the ball drinks their beer can until a person on the opposing team slams the ball on the table after retrieving it. The game is best played in a room with many objects in the way so that it is more difficult to find the ball, especially when drunk.
He was a beast at Landoball.
by Rich June 14, 2006
anonymous guy who appears at unforseen and unexpected times of uncertain origin.
baz, lukes mate who came round to a house party and got fucked and slept in random beds then got kicked out
by rich December 05, 2004
a dirty drug user and addict
kayleigh and sam are skagheads together
by rich June 20, 2004
Irish derivation of the term: Oh no it's Monday morning again. I am very tired and don't want to be at work today.
<Deep Belfast accent>

Ah Patrick Top ov tha mornan to ya. Had a few toow main'y black an tan's did ya' las night?

No, ey only had a'y single jar ov porter paddy ya fukun prick. It's "mondey a' fukun mornan" that's doin it to me - to be sure!

</Deep Belfast accent>
by Rich March 24, 2003
its another word for ciggarette
i really need a coge
by Rich May 05, 2005

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