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Person who can't stop purchasing guns, eventhough he has enough to supply all of his friends and family in the event of WWIII. See also Gunoholic.
My girlfriend thinks that I have lots of guns, but it ain't nothing compared to all the guns Rufus has - he's a real gunaholic.

My friends think I'm a gunaholic because I have 53 guns and they don't understand why I still need more.
by Ricardovitz June 08, 2009
A Pimp Gun is:

1. Any gun that has a high polish chrome, nickle, stainless or gold finish particularly with pearl or other flashy grips. It could also be a glossy black gangster gun (Mac10 Mac11 or UZI) with gold plated parts.

2. Alternatively, any cheap chrome pistol made by Lorcin, Jiminez, or Jennings, generally worth less than $100.
DAMN!! I gotta get me a Pimp Gun like that Gold Deagle Fifty.
by Ricardovitz May 12, 2009
fictional place where a Persian or someone from the middle east is told to go back to.

alt. where a bully threatens to kick a weakling's behind to

related: suckcockistan
Where the hell do you come from - Fuckoffistan?

I'm going to kick your purple baboon ass back to fuckoffistan.

That's one ugly bitch from Fuckoffistan.
by Ricardovitz July 02, 2009
A person who is addicted to buying guns. Usually owns more than 20 guns and has a list of at least three more guns that he/she intends to purchase as soon as funds come available. Purchases more guns in a panic when Democrats get elected to office, or on rumors of anti-gun legislation. Also known to constantly surf the internet and gun auctions for deals on guns.
That Fred's a real gunoholic - he is constantly asking me to cover for him if his wife calls while he's picking up his latest firearm acquisition from his FFL (licensed firearms dealer).
by Ricardovitz May 12, 2009
Australian slang for Popsicle.
Hey mate, toss me a grape icypole.
by Ricardovitz May 28, 2009
Sound made by a machinegun when you pull the bolt back and let it fly forward to chamber the first round

Alternate definition: Sound made by a pump shotgun when you pump it to chamber a round

Second Alternate definition: Sound made by gangster toward an intended victim or warning a potential victim of a machingun or shotgun drive-by shooting.
The last thing that corpse heard was cha-chink....before he got his head all blowed off.

Rufus: I really hate that mule....Cha-chink....BLAM!

The last thing those towel-head terrorists are gonna hear is Cha-chink...
by Ricardovitz June 11, 2009
Velvety smooth. Plush new carpet soft. The sound that bare feet make when walking on brand new expensive plush carpeting. The sound and feel of super soft high dollar leather used on custom automobile interiors, when you gently run your hand over it.
Jo-Jo, that got to be the sickest 300 out right now....Strut grill..soft white leather seats go flirpity flirp, this guys got some coin....

Hey, baby, feel my new rug....goes flirpity flirp when my bare feed glide over it.

Now you know that's some good leather on that couch - I can just hear it going "flirpity flirp" while I'm banging Suzie on it.
by Ricardovitz July 07, 2009

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