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is an error in speech that is believed to be caused by the urban or cultural experiences in ones background usually demonstrated with letter substitutions or additions in common words

afrodian slips ex. Mommanen lookded right at me and said "tell dat boy to come in hea out the skreet and eat sum oh dees scrimp i catched this mornin"
by rhyynno December 07, 2008
male or female that finds pleasure in only dating individuals that are married because of the own commitment/fear of rejection issues
Tiger Woods seems to have found a dozen wedophiles to bed him. With all that money I'm sure he was an easy target
by rhyynno March 16, 2010
the act of being enthusiastically limber,aerobic, uninhibited, exerting, fully engaged in every sexual opportunity when with a partner.
Man that chick there is so fuckletic, she completely drained me tho other day, we went from missionary to upright 69 to reverse cowgirl to side saddle to deep stick to the leg glider with her ending up doggy and taking it in the face. Shes the champ!
by rhyynno March 07, 2011
the cautious walk one takes to bed after waking up on the couch taking care not to make any sudden moves or take on any tasks as to not wake yourself up completely before getting to the bed
Man, that load of laundry I didnt fold earlier derailed the sleep shuttle when i got to the bedroom and found it still on the bed. It'll take me an hour to fall asleep now!
by rhyynno March 29, 2010
results in random, usually unnecessary show of masculinity to either impress, intimidate, upstage, hinder target giving perpetrator a self involved since of accomplishment
first guy>>>Man did you see Johnny run up and pop that boy in the mouth as soon as he pulled up, he didnt even let him get his seatbelt off son? lol 2nd guy>>> Yeah man I saw that clown, he must of had a testostoritch he needed to scratch or somethin' lol
example 2 first guy>>>Check out Johnny over there flexin, takin those chicks to the gun show. 2nd guy>>> man that fool is always scratchin his testostoritch!
by rhyynno May 28, 2011
when some one lies or has lied so much that the lie actually becomes real to the liar with vivid details and all the consistency of a true story though others no it to be untrue
Man that chick just swore up and down that she doesnt give head not realizing that I walked in on her blowing my brother in the garage a couple of months ago and she didnt see me. She's got O.J. syndrome bad.
by rhyynno March 07, 2011
the act of displaying a cold shoulder, condescending, patronizing, ignoring, attitude toward someone
....after repeated unreturned calls and unanswered texts you bump into the person you are trying to contact " Hey man why are you stepchilding me, I've been trying to get in touch with you for weeks, whats up with that?"
by rhyynno April 10, 2012

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