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The most amazing place in the world. A place where kids varying ages (usually 7-15) make best friends for life and their bunkmates grow to be like sisters or brothers. A place where kids learn or share lots of information about life, particularly stuff that they don't want to ask their parents. This is where many, learn about who they are and who they want to become. Campers cry when they go home, and count the days until they come back. They leave each summer with a new outlook on many ideas, themselves or life in general, and great memories that will last them a lifetime.
My parents met at the sleepaway camp that I go to, I wouldn't exist if it weren't for the place. At their wedding, the best man, and a couple of the bridesmaids, were from that camp too. So many of the people who are important to them, they met there.
by rfb211 November 29, 2005

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