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Everyone has heard about it, if not ridden on it. What exactly is this drunk bus, that JMU students talk about? Here is a guide to the bus for those who have not ridden it, or for those of you that go to other schools and are less fortunate than us.

Friday night rolls around, and you are probably pre-gaming somewhere, whether its your dorm or your house. Hours roll by, and it is finally 10. The drunk bus adventure beginnings. There are busses J, M, U, and N. Most nights there is two of each letter. These busses are your way around to everywhere you want to go. Ashby, Stonegate, Pheasant Run, Devon Lane, wherever, and the best part is it is free. No more having to pay for cabs, these busses are running continuously till 3 am and take you to walking distance of wherever you want to go.

People on the bus are well drunk, hence the name drunk bus. If you’re lucky, you will catch some pretty amazing things, such as chicks doing flips, guys singing Kelly Clarkson and so on. Most of the time the JMU Fight Song is sang, and if the bus driver is cool, he blares some dance music, and the bus turns into a big dance party full of drunk people. There are the occasional sober people who are pissed off at the drunk people, but they shouldn’t be, because if they were drunk, they would be doing the same thing too. Then there are the assholes that screw around and pull the emergency exit alarm…and that causes everyone to get off the bus. But other than that it is an adventure.

If you decide you don’t want to party one night, I suggest you get hammered and just ride the bus. You will meet some crazy people, hear wild stories that freshman are screaming about how they love college and there are no parents, or maybe you will hear about how other freshman got citations and everything the first day or week they were down here. Either way you will make friends with other social drunks and for all you know, you might meet your next bf/gf on the bus. So my suggestion is, make it a plan, and venture onto the bus. There is no other experience like it.

I hate being a freshman i dont have a car.

Its ok you can take the drunk bus

O my god a drunkbus? sweet deal!

Will it take me to forest hills?

IT takes you everywhere you want to go, free of charge.
The drunk bus is the answer to all of your problems.
by rezthaprez September 25, 2006
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