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Math lernt by the hicks.
"I lernt gometry on ther weekend! Now ya'll gonne be able tur do yer taxes! Eyem edjumacated"
by ReZeroX November 18, 2003
To express suprise, much like ohmygawd. Formed by combining "oh", "my", and "jesus". This is the illigitamate son of ohmygawd who will reincarnate later or somthing.
Spackerdave: "Ohmygawd, we forgot to do the math homework! AND I JUST BROKE MY LEG"
ReZ: "ohmyjesus"
by ReZeroX November 18, 2003
The act of getting hit in ones junk by a corn cob. The cob has been preferably nommed however an untouched cob is acceptable as well.
"Dude you just got corn-cocked!"
by ReZeroX June 22, 2008
The illeterite way of spelling "illeterite". Sounds funnier pronounced.
Mark is illeriterate.
by ReZeroX November 18, 2003
The sound effect made when a male penatrates a female. Commonly used by spectators of an erotic act displayed on film.
*porno music*
Rich C-mn: "Yeah baby, take it"
Crystal Chandelier: "Yeah yeah, give it to me!"
h4x0r: "Fwoomp!"
by ReZeroX November 13, 2003
Name of the character in the popular machinima series "Red vs Blue" which is based on the antics of the Red and Blue teams in Blood Gulch, Halo.
"Private Donut reporting sir!"
by ReZeroX November 13, 2003
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