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A type of hard rock band from the 1980s made up of musicians who wore strange leather clothing, ripped jeans, and had tall blowdried womanly hair (often blond). These bands played hard rocking music with fast guitar solos, but also sang love ballads. Hairband music was heavy but it was produced with such a glossy sheen that it wasn't too hard on the ears. Hairbands died around 1990, and some would say they ere killed by Kurt Cobain and grunge.
Winger was a classic hairband.
by RexGibson December 05, 2003
A description of a weak hit in baseball that falls into the outfield just out of the reach of the infielder and just in front of the outfielder.
While the exact reason for the name is unknown, it originated in the Texas minor league.
The skinny little batter could only hit Texas Leaguers.
by RexGibson August 16, 2006
To pick up two girls at a bar and take them home with you for some action.
Very few men have managed a double play.
by RexGibson March 16, 2004
short form for the Toronto Argonauts, a team in the Canadian Football League. The Argos were formed in 1873.
After the touchdown, the crowd screamed "ARRRRGOOOOOOS!
by RexGibson November 14, 2004
A version of a bra specifically designed for men.

Created by Frank Costanza and Cosmo Kramer on the television comedy Seinfeld.

Kramer wanted to name the new device a bro while Frank wanted to name it the "manziere". They couldn't agree on a name and the invention failed.
If you're a man and you have large breasts, you need a manziere for support.
by RexGibson March 11, 2004
What a woman often says after a man has expressed his true love for her. It's a polite way for a woman to say "I don't like you".
She doesn't want to remain friends -- it's just a throwaway line to make the guy feel a bit better than a piece of shit.
John: Cathy, do you love me as much as I love you?
Cathy: John, let's just be friends.
John: OK, that means I will have to kill myself.
by RexGibson February 16, 2004
Nickname for the city of Hamilton, Ontario. Given for the steel making plants located on the shores of Hamilton harbour. Those plants belch so much soot and crap that Hamilton harbour is a cesspool of filth. It also causes Hamiltonians to look like ugly bastards, and grow up brain damaged.
Steeltown is where all the criminals and whores live.
by RexGibson December 28, 2003

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