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4 definitions by rex ingeniosum

1. n. the hotness that is kelly. one cool chick.

2. adj. being of the caliber of hotness that is hot-kelly.
1. hot-kelly is one bad-ass personage.

2. wow, she was 'hot-kelly' hot.
by rex ingeniosum December 16, 2003
21 18
n. Money earned from bummin. Often this money is spent on foodstuffs such as microwave burritos and nachos.
Hey man I got a mash of bummins from those hot chicks over there.
by rex ingeniosum November 18, 2003
2 0
adj. The state of drunkness wherein one can do little else but stare at their feet (often for lack of being able to lift the head.)
Yeah I don't remember when that girl licked my nipple, being as I was sneaker-drunk most of the night.
by rex ingeniosum November 18, 2003
6 7
Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback who threw 4 interceptions in the Superbowl against the Dallas Cowboys.
O'Donnell was clearly paid off by the mob to throw those interceptions in the superbowl. No quarterback could take his team to the big game & throw 4 interceptions without doing it on purpose.
by rex ingeniosum November 25, 2003
31 44