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3 definitions by reubenco

When you are Cherokee and black and go to a jewish school.... AWKS to the max!
Sam: oh man that is one kinky girl i can tell.
Reub: nah mang she's just cinky.
by reubenco May 10, 2012
Somebody who will only use Google, including their less prominent services.
Steve's such a googlephile, he always uses Google Docs and Google Video instead of Microsoft Word and Youtube.
by reubenco October 16, 2009
A person who frequently wears skinny-jeans and participates in the "yuppie" culture that skinny-jeans represent. Term originates from skinny-jeans cutting off circulation in ankles, thus resulting in blue feet.
Steve got a job at this yuppie company and everybody at his new office is a bluefoot.
by reubenco November 23, 2009