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A word often used by black gangsta rappers to address each other, or just refer to each other in a brotherly way. And for some reason it's okay for them to use the word and no one else.

If any other race uses the word, especially white people, it's grounds for war, because the definition is supposedly inferred to mean "you are beneath me and meant to serve me."

Of course, it's completely "fine" for the niggas to refer to ANY woman, no matter what the color of her skin, as a bitch or a ho' - which is also used to imply that " you are beneath me, and meant to serve me."

You can't say the 'n' word on the radio or TV, for fear of offending a particular race. But you hear 'bitch' and ho' all the time, regardless of the women it might offend...
gangsta1: Yo, nigga! What's up!

gangsta2: Life is good, my brother! I had the time with one sweet bitch at the club. And my bitch back home? She knows when it's time to put out, You know what I'm sayin'?

gangsta1: Yeah, my nigga! My bitch, she gave me the mouth when I got home, so I put her in her place! Right off. No bitch is gonna tell me when to be home! What a bitch.

white guy: Yo, niggaz!

gangsta1: What the fuck! Who you callin' nigga?!

gangsta2: What the fuck! I'm gonna cut you a smile 'cros your neck. Ear to ear-

white guy: Wait! Hold it! I just wanted to tell you, that was one fine bitch I saw you with last night.

gansta1: All my bitches are fine! They know how to please me.
by resusx December 08, 2006

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