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contrary to whatever captain sparklepants thinks, the milwaukee brewers lost a total of 106 games in 2002, not even close to the mlb record for most losses in a season. that honor is held by the 1899 cleveland spiders at 20-134. not recent enough for ya? try the 1962 mets, in their expansion year, who went 40-120. in fact, the brewers don't even crack the top (bottom?) ten in terms of losing records. also, look for the brewers to rebound in the 2006-07 season, with a promising young group of young guys and an undervalued pitching staff; the team will fight for the wild card this year and contend for the division crown for the next several.
the milwaukee brewers have some great young players--rickie weeks is the next robin yount; prince fielder is the next cecil fielder; etc.
by resident27 March 08, 2006

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