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1. Name of the attorney for Monica Lewinsky who hit all the Sunday Morning talk shows back in the "what is your definition of is?" Bill Clinton BJ Scandal.

2. References anyone (most recently Barack Obama) who goes to all the Sunday Morning talk shows to push an issue. Person is usually loved or hated after this excursion.
Person 1: Dude, did you see Pres. Obama on the sunday morning talk shows this past week?

Person 2: No man, I was totally hungover and watching the NFL, but I hear he pulled "The Full Ginsberg"
by resdog502 September 22, 2009
The massive snow storm that hit the Mid-Atlantic region of the US, specifcially Northern Virginia, D.C., Maryland, West Virgina and Pennslyvania.

The first wave hit Feb 6, Saturday Morning, dropping a record 32.4 inches at Dulles International Airport in a two day period. The second wave fell on Feb 9, Tuesday morning and brought another 10-20 inches to the effected areas.
Person 1- Remember when the Saints won Super Bowl 44?

Person 2- How could I forget, that was the weekend of SnOMFG 2010!
by resdog502 February 09, 2010

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