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(aka DFD) When a shitty instant messenger file transfer crashes halfway through leaving you empty and unsatisfied.
My MSN has direct file dysfunction.
by Requiett April 09, 2008
Shut your fucking face up.
<CraBYbebeq> u WÝLL die while u r sexing and speaking abt SEX...omg GET LOST THE WORLD!!
<Requiett> Syffu.
by Requiett November 13, 2004
Most likely a mythical modern retelling of a mystic group of hallucinogenic mushroom-eating Siberian shaman who wore red and white outfits, snuck in through the chimneys of villagers and distributed the sacred mushroom Amanita Muscaria. Other associations from the popular myth easily fall into place. The reindeer is the animal most associated with Amanita as it is a popular dish to them. Amanita tends to form a symbotic relationship with spruce or pine trees which are used for Christmas trees. It is also said that the Siberian shaman could fly, but probably not physically. However, Amanita often gives the sensation of flying.
Santa Claus was just a crazy mushroom cult all along.
by Requiett August 17, 2005
n. 1. A popular pornstar 2. One who has a "package" for Neo 3. both of the above
"I'll trade your Holt Batnipples action figure for my tuna cassarole sandwich."
by Requiett November 11, 2004
Bitch the fuck up, nigger!
I forgot who made up BTFUN.
by Requiett December 06, 2004
(n.) A messy accident on a floor or other surface consisting of bodily fluids as a result of pornography shoots or other socially unacceptable behavior.
Attention. Cleanup required for a feldman in aisle 12. Feldman in aisle 12.
by requiett November 11, 2009
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