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Vore is a sexual fetish that is not widely known about as of the date this definition was wrote, that revolves around the general concept of taking pleasure from being eaten, or eating. Which can include animals, food, or any other sort of eating or being eaten. but for the most part vore would be used to describe the fetish of the person eating another person or the person being eaten and enjoying it. There are two kinds of Vore.

Soft Vore: Soft vore defines all kinds of vore that do not involve killing gore digestion etcetera. usually swallowing the victim alive whereby the predator holds them ''prisoner'' for lack of a better word. actually doing this kind of soft vore is, as you could have easily reasoned impossible in real life and often is released online in the form of roleplaying, and sometimes other fashions

Hard vore: Basically cannibalism. hard vore is like soft vore, except it can and often will involve digestion, death, and very realistic features. any more information unfortunately cant come from me because ive never looked into hard vore more then what it is about. Hard vore is theoretically possible incase it lacks certain things that would happen in real life, such the victim being swallowed whole, but technicly it is possible in the form of cannibalism.

There are also mixtures in between, sometimes vore is mixed in with sex but because of lack of understanding ill leave the reader to come up with what that could be, which is hard to understand incase you are one of the people. Some people litterally find vore pleasing, but have no interest in sex like i am living proof of. Preferences in vore vary GREATLY and it cannot be narrowed down into a simpler subject without encountering errors.

Vore often involves alot of imagination. including very commonly the body having elastic like stretchability as to contain the victim without harming him or her.

Vore is not related to in any way the unbirth fetish, or rebirth although it could be half-wittedly argued, but such an argument would be like watching star wars and then saying, "Hey wasnt mofasa good in that movie?" and then when your friends point out that mofasa was never in the movie you say "Well he could have been." its possible, but its not only improbable but ridiculous to argue since there is not a single stable fact supporting it.

Usually vore is a noun, but it can be used as a slang verb or adjetive or whatever just like most nouns
However sometimes people who like vore also like unbirth or rebith, it is simply a coincidence sort of like wether they like vore and sex or only one. although there is the possibility though its hard or me to understand, that a sexual point of view might be the cause of people liking both.
Hey, have you ever been to eka's portal? its a community site all about vore of all kinds.

Hey would you like to roleplay some vore? ill be the prey.

You know i love vore.

Wanna have vore? -example of slang verb
by reploidciel May 30, 2007

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(this definition is not comfirmed and might not be true)

mp1 is basicly like an mp3 music file running on bleeps and bloops and other beeping soudns youd expect from maybe a NES nintendo entertainment system.
bleep blop beep boop? Dude that sounds like something from an mp1 file start getting mp3s
by reploidciel February 18, 2007

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