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1 definition by renee zambelletti

when you are talking to THE HOTTEST GUY ON EARTH and he invites you to a party or the movies and you are about to say great but then at the last secound, say cool and it comes out to be GROOL...then end up sounding like a HUGE LOSER when your explaining to the hot guy what you just said
SEXII GUY-"hey..do u wanna come to this party im going to tonight with me?"
YOU- "yeah sure..sounds fun"
SEXII GUY-"great..so ill pick you up at 8ish?.."
YOU-"grool..err...great, haha i was going to say great but then said cool and i came out as grool..."
SEXII GUY-"lol..k grool.."
YOU(talking to yourself in your head)- OMG im such a loser hes never going to ever ask me out again!! i cant believe i just said that...what is GROOL anyway. UGH ILL NEVER B ABLE 2 face him again!!!
by renee zambelletti June 16, 2008